Miracle Orbit

Exploring Miracle Paths


Welcome to our travel blog! We are happy that you are here and really hope to inspire you for exploring “Miracles on Earth“.

Who are we?

Shruti & Binil 👫🌏

We are active travellers and nature lovers with the crave to experience the beauty of life, love and travel. We are from India, residing permanently in Singapore. We are Engineers by profession and always find time to travel and explore the miracle paths, that’s why we have given name “Miracle Orbit” to our travel blog.



Our motto :

You will never have this day again, so make it count ❤️


What is this blog about?

We always travel with proper research and planning. We prepare detailed itinerary for our travels, with thorough research on top attractions, best places to stay and must try activities. We have made mistakes and learnt from them. Through our blogs we share our experiences, complete itineraries and travel tips, with the hope that they are helpful for you to plan trips.

We want to live our life to the fullest and create our own fairy tale. We bet you want as well. May be that’s why you are here! We aim to motivate you and help in piping your dream destinations.

Now start reading our travel stories. Have questions, comments or just want to say Hi? Shoot us an email (miracleorbitglobetrot@gmail.com) or connect with us on Instagram @miracleorbit. We are always happy to hear from you 😃

Enjoy your life! ❤️

Shruti &  Binil 🙂